Eenmaal daags Janneke (jannekeleber) wrote,
Eenmaal daags Janneke


-Dear Spirit Friends, I have this question…: can love disappear?

= Well dear, now we come to the essentials. First is that nothing can really disappear. What things can do however, is change, transform. That also goes for love…

- But then, what does it mean if a person says: “I don’t love you anymore…”

= It can mean a lot of things dear, like: I’m not able to… or: I locked my heart…

- So you say once we love a person, we will do so forever, but we may put barriers in front of it, for whatever reason?

= That’s one option. Another is that the Love itself transforms. Into either hatred, or fear. Or another type of love we may not even recognize as such. There is much to teach about this subject. And it’s a very delicate matter. One needs some experience, wisdom and sensitivity to understand. And to be able to make that distinction. Quite often relationships end because of a lack of knowledge of Self and of the true nature of Love.

- Can relationships end then…

= Can days end? Can candles burn up? Of course they can.

- But then, what happens to the love there once was?! And what is the true nature of love?

= In earthly form, love is quite a fire-y substance. That’s why you colour it red. And fire needs fuel, and oxygen and an effort to keep it burning. If one of those 3 is not there anymore, the fire will extinguish. Does that mean it was useless and that it’s gone? No. It gave some warmth, it brought people together – if only for a while. It inspired them, to sing songs together, to dance around, to tell each other stories. All worthwhile experiences. And at the end, what’s left? Where is the love? It’s in the memories of those involved. It’s in the air. It’s in the burning up of the old stuff, which gives space, makes the way for the new. Things are gone, things have left, things have changed. That’s what Love does and what happens to it.
If a person has loved, in whatever form of shape, he of she will never be the same again. Since a piece of Great Creators Paradise was experienced and was therefore brought to your planet. As a piece of the big puzzle, a part of the big picture. A picture that can show you… that can raise consciousness.

There is this one big trap in your world dear. It’s the trap op fear. And people fall into it, over and over again. But once a person has experienced Love, he may guide himself more easily around that trap.

-Thank you so much for your explanations!

= You're so very welcome dear. And please remember: we love you. We love you all...
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