Eenmaal daags Janneke (jannekeleber) wrote,
Eenmaal daags Janneke



As you may remember from an earlier post, the French Fry and I speak English on Saturday.
At first we did this for learing objectives, but the reason we continue is because I seem to be less annoying when speaking English, according to the French Fry.

That’s also why we don’t take it too seriously. For instance, if we don’t know a word, we don’t look it up, but just say it in Dutch. The whole thing should be fun.

Today we where a bit overmoedig by deciding to play a game of Scrabble in English. This turned out to be quite a challenge. We allowed ourselves to stretch the rules a little bit, by for instance admitting abreviations and also words like t-rex (without the streepje).

There was a dirty word put on the table, but this time the French Fry got rid of that by replacing the X by a blanc, and later do the same with the S.
“There you go”, he said. “Problem solved.”
I took the lead. But it was with the word BANNER (2 times woordwaarde) that the French Fry catched up with me. And by making both BANNER and DOOR plural, he finally defeted me.

“Now you have to clear up, because you lost!”, he stated.
He went to the kitchen to get himself a soda.
And left me this very clear message.

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