Eenmaal daags Janneke (jannekeleber) wrote,
Eenmaal daags Janneke


Hi guys, some weeks ago I told you that the pipo will no longer be subject on this blog for puberty privacy reasons or whatever. But guys, I have some really good news now, since the pipo did find his own way to the internet! Hell yeah! He’s ‘doing his own stuff now’ on the net, not under his own name, or the pipo’s, but as The CodeBro. And that’s because the pipo started making plugins for Minecraft (spelletje) some months ago and now he’s ready to show the world some of his results. So he recorded some vids (video's) together with his friend SheepMasters (Joost en broer Teun) and because of their international ambitions, they did this in English. They hope they’ll get a lot of views and likes, so they actually gave me permission (!) to share a link with you, in order to get even more views and likes. To give you some idea of where this will lead you: it’s a world made of blocks that you can change (dat is wat ik ervan begrijp), but NIW, it will give you an idea of the pipo's world. A world made of blocks.

So guys, that’s it for now.
All the best and: pls rate, comment and subscribe ;)
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