November 5th, 2018


- Dear Spirit Friends, I have this question for you on the subject of jealousy.
= Ah, Beloved, that’s a very earthly subject.
- Is it? Why!
= Dear, it’s not that there’s no jealousy in our realms. But it’s far more present in yours. The incarnation in the human body tends to give a feeling of a discarnation from the divine source.
- So incarnation gives us a feeling of separation…
= Which enhances the feeling of competition between each other. Of winning and losing. Of the feeling of not being good enough and the desire of being someone else, or having what someone else has.
- So of jealousy… But then… I don’t like the feeling of being jealous. I had it today and it’s a terrible feeling. And I can’t help being incarnated. So: what to do about it?
= Well love, as we mentioned, it’s only the feeling of being discarnated from the divine source. You may be living on earth now, but you’re still connected, aren’t you.
-True. But I know we’re connected and I stil feel jealous from time to time.
= That’s when you are in your solitary mode. Which you are allowed to be in, of course. But we see a lot of humans looking for that state all the time, since they think that’s how they can find their inner strength. That’s a misunderstanding. And: being solitair, doesn’t make one very solidair.
- It’s just the difference of one consonant, but what a big difference in attitude.
So, when I feel jealous, for instance of other parents that have children that go through life so easy, or of women that have good relations with their mother, or of collegues that get great chances etc., etc… I just remember my own connection with Spirit? Is it that easy?
= Well, let’s give it a try. Can you evoke this feeling of jealousy at this moment?
- Yes, I can.
= So you are aware of this strong feeling of separation between you and that other person?
- Very much so. That’s exactly how it feels, like being in different camps.
= Now can you bring your attention to your inner light. And then to your connection with the Big Light, as you often describe it to others. And then, knowing, remembering that you’re all as big a spark of that same great Light… And that you will all return to that Light one day… To form a whole again... So everybody’s experiences will come together some day. The easy ones and the difficult ones… Now doesn’t that make all experiences worthwhile? More equal? Doesn’t that take away this feeling of good and bad experiences? And therefore the feeling of jealousy…
- It does, indeed. It seems kind of silly to feel jealous if you see it that way.
= Better not judge it dear. It’s part of the human experience. It’s not about the fact that it happens, but all about what you do with it. This can be hard work. But it’s hard work that pays off.
- Will I get a lot of karma points?
= Maybe you win the whole karma lottery. What’s important is: A truth remembered is a truth gained. We wish you a lot of truth dear. Because a lot of truth is a lot of wisdom.
- Amen. Thank you so much. Love you to pieces.
= And we love every piece of you.